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Aggreko Midrand

Aggreko Energy Rental SA (Pty) Ltd
Poplar Place Unit 2
16 B Axle Drive
Midrand 1666

Tel: +27 11 357 8900
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Aggreko Durban

Aggreko Energy Rentals SA (Pty) Ltd
Site 4 East, Riverside Business Park
74 Prince Umhlangane Road
Avoca, Durban

Tel: +27 31 534 6700
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Aggreko Cape Town

Aggreko Energy Rental SA (Pty) Ltd
Unit 4, Northern Precinct,
Montague Park Industrial,
Topaz Boulevard,
Cape Town

+27 21 525 6760
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Aggreko Port Elizabeth

Aggreko Energy Rental SA (Pty) Ltd
7 Stanley Street,
Richmond Hill,
Port Elizabeth

Tel: +27 41 101 0250
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Aggreko Namibia

Aggreko Namibia Energy Rentals (Pty) Ltd
Hafen Park Office No. 7 B
Second Street East
P.O. Box 5200
Walvis Bay

Tel: +264 64 227451
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To speak to one of our team in South Africa, please call

+27 11 357 8900

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