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Power Rental & Aircon for Events

Aggreko is the world’s leading supplier of rental power and aircon services to the entertainment and events industry.

Our experience includes providing rental power and aircon for all types of events: from the FIFA Word Cup and Olympic Games to government meetings, music festivals, concert tours and film productions.

Aggreko has developed a range of power solutions for the entertainments and events industry, including:

  • Movies & television
    From powering special effects and lighting to supplying cooling and heating requirements, Aggreko plays a vital role in movie production.
  • Sports
    Aggreko power helps sports enthusiasts watch continuous live broadcasting of their favourite sporting events on their television or on location.
  • Touring & concerts
    Aggreko offers the entertainment industry an uninterruptible power and cooling package backstage for maximum impact on stage.
  • Corporate, political & social events
    Aggreko plays a lead role backstage - whether it’s high-profile weddings, fashion shows or product launches.

    Aggreko rental solutions can support you wherever your events take you!

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