What can Aggreko do for your plant?
Aggreko - temporary power for manufacturing

What can Aggreko, as the trusted world leader in power solutions, do for your plant?

No matter how large or small your needs, Aggreko always delivers on our promise to keep your power on

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1. How much do blackouts cost your plant?

Every minute of downtime for your factory costs money. Missed production targets could lead to contract penalties or termination, not to mention possible job losses.

When your factory runs 24/7 there is no time to make up for lost time. From emergency electricity to running your entire facility during power failures or maintenance, we have the capability to power whatever you want, quickly - no matter how big or small. Aggreko’s standby generators will keep your production line running.

2. Are you effectively managing your peak demand energy requirements?

Fluctuations in power usage can result in hefty peak demand rates. Aggreko’s flexible modular solution enables you to easily increase and decrease power capacity. This can optimize your power consumption, allowing you to avoid costly peak demand and peak shaving tariffs. Consult  Aggreko to create a more cost-effective power consumption plan.

3. Are you waiting for electricity to reach your facility?

If you are expanding your business and need additional power, Aggreko can provide early electricity to get you started ahead of time. Wherever, whenever you need power, we can get it to you. Our solution is quick to install and requires no capital expenditure. Why wait? Call Aggreko to electrify your business today.

4. Do you need a power solution that manages itself?

We take care of your power so you can do what you do best, managing your company. Our full service solution includes everything from assessment to design, installation, 24/7 maintenance and decommissioning. This means you have more time for your core activities and less worries about your power supply.

Keep industry in Africa Running

  • Delivery within hours of 325 kVA to Johnson Controls ‘Just in Time’ Automotive supplier during blackout.
  • Rapid installation of 60 kVA power for Good Fellas call centre due to client’s back-up generator failure.
  • 500 kVA reliable power delivered to Kromberg & Schubert following municipality substation failure.
  • 3 MVA power to keep a leading food manufacturer’s produce fresh when the power went out.

What the experts say

We had no indication of when the power would be restored and that is not a position that we could afford to be in with pending deadlines for major clients. Aggreko’s proactivity meant that we were back in business within a matter of hours, something that other suppliers were unable to do.

Martin Nass, Group C I & AME Manager, Johnson Controls Automotive, South Africa

I was extremely impressed with Aggreko’s efficiency and helpfulness which together with the flexibility that the rental option provides, made the decision to continue renting the standby power from them an easy one. Aggreko continue to provide fantastic support and regularly test and maintain their equipment.

Jonathan Bishop, Chief Executive, Good Fellas, South Africa

The service we received from Aggreko was truly exceptional; their only priority was to get us up and running again. The team was extremely knowledgeable and flexible, even installing the package after working hours. They responded as if it was their factory and jobs on the line and saved the day!

Marius van As, Engineering Manager, Kromberg & Schubert, South Africa

Our decision to hire Aggreko was based on their extensive record of successful projects worldwide. From the moment the 2.4 MW plant was installed, the plant operated with reliability higher than 99.99%. If not
for Aggreko, we would have incurred over 240 blackouts operating with power from the national power grid. MPG strongly recommends Aggreko for power generation services.

Armando Carrillo, Director – Purchasing and Procurement, Monclova Pirineo Gas S. de R.L de C.V, Mexico

So, what makes Aggreko different? 

  • Experience of bringing power to more than 100 countries for over 50 years. 
  • A full service solution that manages itself – just plug and play! 
  • Fleet available 24/7 with installation and support from a team of highly qualified, experienced engineers. 
  • High-performing, fuel efficient generators that outperform industry standards. 
  • Consistent, regulated power at any frequency, any voltage. 
  • No voltage or frequency fluctuations. 
  • No lulls, no surges, no damage to your equipment. 
  • We meet and exceed the highest Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental standards. 
  • All generators are fully loadbank tested before delivery to ensure reliability. 
  • Synchronised gensets with load management functionality.

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