What can Aggreko do for your mine?
Aggreko power for the mining industry

What can Aggreko, as the trusted world leader in power solutions, do for your mine?

No matter how large or small your needs, Aggreko always delivers on our promise to keep your power on

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1. What will you lose if you lose electricity?

Productivity is not the only thing that suffers due to power outages. Missed production targets could result in reduced project profitability, not to mention possible job losses. Health and Safety could be compromised leading to accidents and injury.

Aggreko provides emergency, standby and baseload power solutions for the world’s largest mining operations. From emergency electricity to running your entire facility during power failure or maintenance, we can power whatever you want, quickly - no matter how big or small. Aggreko will make sure you don’t lose out.

2. Is the power to manage emergencies in your hands?

When your colleagues are kilometers below the surface or in high risk situations, it is reassuring to know that reliable stand-by power is in place to keep people safe and run vital operations. You can rely on Aggreko to ensure emergency power for mine evacuation and support procedures. Aggreko will support your contingency plans.

3. What are you doing to avoid costly peak demand rates?

Your energy demand profile can fluctuate as much as the price of the commodity you produce. By supplementing the grid or providing baseload power, Aggreko’s flexible modular solution enables you to easily increase and decrease power capacity. This can optimize your power consumption allowing you to avoid costly peak demand and peak shaving tariffs. Consult Aggreko to create a more cost-effective power consumption plan.

4. Is waiting for electricity holding you back?

If your project is feasible, but power supply is not available, Aggreko can provide early electricity to get you started ahead of time.

We can bring electricity to you wherever you are, whenever you need it - even in remote locations. Our solutions are quick to install and require no capital expenditure, enabling you to improve project profitability.

Why wait? Whether you require additional power for mine expansion or would like to achieve early cash flow for new projects, call Aggreko and electrify your business today.

5. Do you need a power solution that manages itself?

We take care of your power so you can do what you do best, managing your company. Our full service solution includes everything from assessment to design, installation, 24/7 maintenance and decommissioning. This means you have more time for your core activities and less worries about your power supply.

Help Africa uncover its hidden wealth

  • Aggreko provided 20 MW of remote power to Bisha Gold Mine, Eritrea. 
  • 10 MW grid-synchronized stand-by power for a mine in Mossel Bay to overcome power rationing. 
  • 5MW uninterruptable remote power to a Gold Mine in Tanzania. 

Empower nations in Africa

  • 100 MW grid power in Tanzania to sustain economic growth during prolonged drought.
  • 290 MW to support national grid in Kenya. 
  • 70 MW in Ivory Coast during power station upgrades.

What the experts say

We are delighted to be working with Aggreko as they have great experience operating at sites similar to the Bisha mine. Being in a remote location meant that finding a reliable power supply was a critical factor; however, Aggreko’s lead time and modular flexibility fitted well with our planned production schedule.

Cliff Davis, Chief Executive Officer, Nevsun Resources, Eritrea

During the six month crisis, the power station performed without fault and ensured continuous mine production by supplementing the national grid.

Dave Ingle, General Manager, Abosso Goldfields Limited, Ghana

We were extremely impressed with the rapid, professional response received from Aggreko. At all times, Aggreko personnel demonstrated a thorough grasp of the urgency and critical nature of our needs and acted accordingly.

Francis Gbeddy, AG, Director, Ministry of Mines & Energy, Ghana

So, what makes Aggreko different? 

  • Experience of bringing power to more than 100 countries for over 50 years. 
  • A full service solution that manages itself – just plug and play! 
  • Fleet available 24/7 with installation and support from a team of highly qualified, experienced engineers. 
  • High-performing, fuel efficient generators that outperform industry standards. 
  • Consistent, regulated power at any frequency, any voltage. 
  • No voltage or frequency fluctuations. 
  • No lulls, no surges, no damage to your equipment. 
  • We meet and exceed the highest Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental standards. 
  • All generators are fully loadbank tested before delivery to ensure reliability. 
  • Syncronised gensets with load management functionality.

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