Rental power to dismantle Brent Spar FPSO

Brent Spar Dismantled - Stavanger, Norway

In one of Norway’s many fjords, sits the famous Brent Spar. A floating structure, originally anchored in the North Sea, it was made largely of concrete and steel and served as a crude oil storage tank and loading buoy. After years of discussion, controversy and finally a decision, the Brent Spar was towed and dismantled in Norway with large parts of it used to build a roll-on, roll-off ferry quay structure.


At the start of the project, two 150kW generators were installed for the preparation period, and later three 400kW generators were provided during the 18-week dismantling period.

Turnkey energy

Aggreko was actively involved in all phases of the life cycle of the platforms, from construction to eventual dismantling, providing a turnkey solution and continual support to the customer.

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