Power station for power generation in Cabinda, Angola

Base-load Utility Power, Cabinda, Angola

Following a period of conflict in the region, the Cabindan utility network required extensive repairs and power rationing had become a way of life for the 500,000 population. A power station with reliable power supply was necessary to support economic development and regional rehabilitation.

In addition, increased fuel (diesel) costs, coupled with a readily available supply of natural gas in Cabinda, meant the government was looking for an alternative source to fuel the power supply in subsequent years.

Power Station Growth

Aggreko initially supplied a 15MW / 30kV power package in Malongo to cope with existing demand of Cabinda. As the population of Cabinda became accustomed to a reliable power supply, the demand grew to 25MW. To stabilise the network, the main power station was increased to 20MW at 30kV which was supplemented by a 5MW power station at 15kV in the Town Centre.

Rural electrification was also an issue, and when Cabinda Town had established a reliable electricity source the demand in outlying areas also increased. To meet this demand, Aggreko installed eight ‘satellite power stations’ of 2MW power packages in remote areas, from the rain forests in Northern Cabinda to the area’s surrounding the regional airport.

Gas Power Station

Although power at the power stations was initially supplied by diesel generators, Aggreko fulfilled its’ commitment to provide gas-fuelled generators and replace the majority of the diesel powered equipment at the main power station in Malongo, significantly reducing overall operating costs for the customer.

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