Camp and construction power for remote diamond mine

Camp and construction power for remote diamond mine


Gem Diamonds’ Ghaghoo diamond mine is located 300 kilometres north of the capital Gaborone within the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. The asset sits on a rich deposit which is expected to produce over 20 million carats of high quality diamonds over the course of its operational life.

Being situated in an area with no electricity infrastructure, an independent and highly reliable power source was needed to power the initial camp and construction activities at the site. As the power requirements were scheduled to grow significantly in line with the development of the asset, it was vital that the power capacity provided could be easily and quickly increased when needed.


Following initial discussions on the possibilities and advantages of rental power, Aggreko supplied Gem Diamonds with a 60 kVA generator to power the first camp on the site before construction of the main camp and the mine began. As the energy demands of the project grew, this was soon increased to 380 kVA.

When construction activities began to ramp up, the power demands of the project increased significantly. At this point the Aggreko solution was increased to a 4.5 MW standalone power plant to act as the sole power supply of the mine.

Why was Aggreko chosen?

Aggreko has significant experience in providing rental power solutions to the mining industry throughout the world.

The scalable nature of the Aggreko offering makes it a very attractive solution for mining companies as the power supply can be matched precisely to the fluctuating requirements of a mine over its entire lifecycle. This means that only the required power is supplied and negates the need for the large capital expenditure associated with purchasing permanent power plants.

We chose to work with Aggreko based on their strong reputationin powering mining operations across Africa and because we wanted to avoid the large capital outlay required to purchase our own power plant. With our power requirements taken care of by a specialist supplier, we can concentrate on our core activities of developing the Ghaghoo asset secure in the knowledge our power supply is in expert hands.

Howard Marsden - Operations Manager Gem Diamonds Botswana