Emergency baseload power station, Panay Island, Philippines

Emergency Baseload Power Station, Panay Island, Philippines

Panay Island is one of the islands located in the Visayas Island group. Situated in the middle of the Philippine archipelago, the Visayas island group is linked by the Cebu-Negros-Panay sub grid. Panay Island is located at the tail-end of the grid making it most vulnerable to power shortfalls in the Visayas region.

The Philippine state-owned National Power Corporation (NPC) urgently required a temporary power station to supplement the grid and ease the occurrence of power interruptions in the region that were affecting an estimated 3.5 million people in Panay Island.

Baseload Power Station

Aggreko installed and operated a 10 MW/69kV baseload power station at the Panit-an substation in the Capiz Province of Panay Island. The power station included generators, transformers, fuel tanks, and high voltage cabling. All equipment and ancillaries were mobilised, installed and commissioned less than 40 days after the contract signing.

Power Station Connected to Substation

The 69kV power station was supplied to allow direct connection to the Panit-an substation. This arrangement gave the additional advantages of minimising transmission losses and improving the voltage stability in the system.

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