Aggreko in the News

Aggreko in the News


  • Powering mines on the frontier
    Mines are no longer the hub of a community: the focal point for infrastructure and employment alike. The tradition of generations of families working in a pit has ceased to exist. In fact, mining is in a constant state of flux. [World Coal, March 2015]


  • Reliable power for FPSOs
    Venkie Shantaram, group business development director at Aggreko, looks at how the increasing pressure of operations demand an ever more reliable power supply. [Oil & Gas Agenda, Issue 14, 2014]
  • Powering Asia's next 100 million
    Over one-fifth of Southeast Asia’s 600 million people do not have access to electricity. This lack of readily-accessible power means basic needs go unfulfilled and long-term quality of life remains low. [Asian Power, Sep 2014]
  • Aggreko talks World Cup challenges, innovations for broadcasters
    The director of event services at Aggreko, the official power supplier to the FIFA World Cup, tells Around the Rings the company’s cutting-edge technology will ensure all broadcasters’ demands are met. [Around The Rings, May 2014]
  • Glasgow 2014: Business chiefs aim for legacy
    Under the banner ‘Generating Powerful Partnerships’ it is hoped that the Aggreko event will spark new shared opportunities for Scotland’s businesses and communities as a result of Glasgow hosting the XX Commonwealth Games. [The Scotsman, May 2014]
  • Aggreko boss hails staff for Games prowess
    Aggreko interim chief executive Angus Cockburn has spoken of the special care and attention its Scottish workforce paid to building generators for the Commonwealth Games while confirming the business will be powering the Ryder Cup. [Herald Scotland, May 2014]
  • Aggreko vows to power Scotland through the Commonwealth Games and beyond
    The power behind this year's Commonwealth Games was on show here at the global manufacturing headquarters of Aggreko in Dumbarton [Inside the Games, May 2014]
  • Interview: Debajit Das, Regional Director, Aggreko, Singapore
    “One of the major challenges facing Asia’s infrastructure is power. Power will either hinder or facilitate growth of aspiring Asian nations. Investment is needed to bolster energy security but the pot of funds available for power investments are finite.” [Energy Boardroom, Apr 2014]
  • Power for African Enterprises in remote locations
    Aggreko is providing critical power generation systems and solutions for projects operating in some of the most isolated parts of the African continent. [Engineering News, Apr 2014]
  • Deep cooling and chilling
    Following an enquiry from Harmony and upon completion of a site survey, Aggreko promised a fully integrated, turn-key cooling package which included complete design, mobilisation, installation and operation of the system. [International Mining, Mar 2014]
  • Generators to Slash Showground Electricity Bill
    Thinking outside the box could save the Maitland Mercury Super Show organisers $30,000 a year in electricity charges. [Maitland Mercury, Feb 2014]
  • Remote Minesite Power Solutions
    Steve Smart, Aggreko Canada, discusses how rental power solutions help mining companies expand into remote regions. [World Coal, Feb 2014]

2013 - 2008

  • Finger on the World's Power Switch
    Rupert Soames believes in making his company reports not only intelligible, but frank. So while Aggreko’s annual results for 2012 (much of them written up by Mr Soames himself) record impressive turnover, profits and continued growth, they are also refreshingly honest. [The Times, Jun 2013]

  • Inauguration Deal may help Aggreko to Power Ahead
    Many companies say they are a global leader in their field, but there is no doubt that this claim is true when it comes to Aggreko. Last week the company revealed it will be providing the power for Barack Obama's inauguration ceremony in Washington later today. [The Telegraph, Jan 2009]

  • Aggreko Expects Jump in Profits Boosted by Storms and Demand for Ice Rinks
    Temporary power supplier Aggreko expects full-year profits to be more than 50pc up on last year due to a fierce US hurricane season which caused a surge in demand for generators. [The Telegraph, Dec 2008]

  • Cummins to Sell Power Generation Rental Business
    Engine maker Cummins India Ltd said on Thursday its board has approved sale of its power generation rental business...The firm will sell its business to Aggreko Energy, which rents generator sets across the country. [REUTERS, Nov 2008]

  • Climate Change 'is Accelerating'
    The warning, which has shocked environment campaigners, comes from Aggreko's chief executive, Rupert Soames, who said: 'The threat of global warming is far greater than people have previously thought. The consensus figure on the world's power consumption going forward to 2015 is simply wrong.' [The Guardian, Mar 2008]

  • Aggreko Celebrates Olympic Deal
    A Glasgow-based firm has secured its place at the Beijing Olympics after winning a £17.7m contract to provide temporary power at the games in August. [BBC, Jan 2008]