30MW temporary power for National Grid in Gabon

Aggreko provides 30 MW of power to Gabon

Februaury 2007 - Aggreko plc, global leader in providing temporary power generation and temperature control services, has once again partnered with Société d'Energie et d’Eau du Gabon (SEEG) and supplied an additional 30 MW of power to supplement the utility grid. The additional power was installed across two sites, Bellevue and Owendo, in February 2007.

SEEG, a privately owned electricity company, took measures to restore power to the people of Gabon and quickly resolve the grid power shortage following limited rainfall, which reduced the power generated by the country’s hydroelectric dams. Aggreko airlifted the equipment from Europe and the Middle East in order to guarantee the additional power was operational within three weeks of the contract being awarded.

"As Gabon celebrates 47 years of independence, SEEG and our shareholders constantly strive to ensure that the citizens enjoy uninterrupted power that will boost economic development. Aggreko’s rapid response, flexibility and experience enabled us to quickly resolve the situation,” said Marc Alberola SEEG’s General Manager.

As part of Aggreko’s commitment to support local communities, the company has trained local mechanical and electrical engineers to maintain and operate the equipment on site.

This is the second contract that SEEG have awarded to Aggreko. The first was to supply 14 MW for peak production and to allow for scheduled maintenance of SEEG’s hydro-dams in 2004. The 14 MW is still operational today following the continued lack of hydro-power in country.

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