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Temperature Control Solutions

Keeping your equipment in first-class condition is a key consideration for any business. Not only does this increase your equipment’s lifespan, it also leads to less downtime and higher productivity.

One of the most important factors in keeping your equipment in the best possible condition is effective temperature control. Whether you need dense air injection, cold food storage, or special effects for movies, you want temperature control you can rely on. Fortunately, Aggreko offers a range of temperature control solutions, including:

Modular cooling towers

These provide high-volume water along with wastewater chilling via cooling pumps. Our 24-hour availability means that should a cooling tower fail, we can provide temporary towers quickly to ensure your productivity is unaffected.

Chillers and air conditioners

Designed to supplement installed process systems or provide HVAC equipment rental for workplaces, these hard-wearing units are built to handle almost any industrial environment.

Heat exchangers

An effective cooling process occurs through heat exchange. Aggreko offers a range of durable heat exchangers for rent. These are made from a combination of carbon and food-grade stainless steel and they ensure an effective temperature control system.

Temperature Control Applications

  • Increased cooling capacity of any process fluids
  • Cooling of temperature structures
  • Bulk air handling
  • Bulk reverse cycle air conditioning
  • Ice rinks
  • Dense air in section
  • Down shaft cooling

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Temperature control

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